gift cards in dubai


Gift cards in Dubai have taken a quantum leap in the gifting world. They are cards that enable people to buy gifts for others regardless of the occasion.

Gift cards offer flexibility and enable people not to overspend. In Dubai, there are different types of gift cards available. And if you are looking for a gift card to gift someone in UAE, this article is precisely what you need.

This article extensively explores the different gift cards and other things you need to know about gift cards in Dubai. Read on!

Overview Of Gift Cards In Dubai

Gifting has been an old practice. During celebrations, birthdays, anniversaries and other occasions people always present gifts. However, getting the best gift has been a pain in the ass.


This gave rise to the emergence of gift cards. With gift cards, the perfect gifts can be given. Gift cards can be physical (plastic) or an E-card with a certain amount.

When this card is gifted, the recipient can use it to buy whatever they wish online or in-instore. Gift cards are;

  • Thoughtful
  • Flexible and
  • Convenient

Top 5 Gift Cards In Dubai

Is there gift cards in Dubai? yes there are tons of gift cards you can access in Dubai if you want something unique. However, there are five major ones, and they are the following (in no particular order);

  • Microsoft Gift Card
  • Amazon Gift Card
  • Google Play Gift Card
  • UAE Mall Gift Card
  • Apple Store & iTunes Gift Card

Kindly read down as we explain each card below.

Microsoft Gift Card

The first card on our list is the Microsoft Gift Card. You can use this card to purchase products from the Microsoft store and other retailers.

The Microsoft gift card offers convenience and easy usage either for personal use or for friends and family. Also, it is perfect for any occasion, birthdays, weddings, treats, Valentine’s Day, and other special days.

To utilize the card in making purchases, simply enter the code at the back of the card, and you will be ready to make your purchase within a few minutes.

Considering the fact that Microsoft offers many products, you can easily find what your recipient will like. Therefore, consider Microsoft gift cards when gifting!

Amazon Gift Card

The next gift card available in Dubai is the Amazon Gift Card. It is regarded as the best gift card in Dubai due to its versatility and international availability.

This gift card is suitable for any occasion as it offers a wide range of products, flexible and easy to use offline and online.

To make purchases with the Amazon gift card, just input the card’s code printed on its back. In addition to the benefits of an Amazon gift card, you are eligible to buy any products, even those not for free shipping.

How To Scratch Amazon Gift Card

Google Play Gift Card

Google Play Gift Card is the best when it comes to entertainment gifting. It serves as the perfect gift card for friends and family.

With the card, you can download your favorite music, books, movies, apps, and games. If you are looking for something perfect or special to gift your loved ones during birthdays, anniversaries, or any occasion, the Google Play card is highly recommended.

To utilize the card, go to the Google Play Store app and enter the code on the card. This is solely for redemption purposes. Once that is settled, you can begin to download any content of your choice.

UAE Mall Gift Card

This gift card offers the best when it comes to shopping, dining, and entertainment experience in Dubai.

The UAE Mall Gift Card can be used for multiple purchases from any UAE Mall store. The card is valued between AED 100 and AED 2,500.

No registration fee is required, and you do not have to worry about moving around with cash or having reckless spending.

This card offers the best memorable experience in Dubai, especially when given in appreciation to those who were there for you. The card suits any occasion and can be used to make purchases of different items, from electronic devices to clothing designs, in any of the retailers in the mall.

Apple Store & iTunes Gift Card

Last but not least, the gift card on our list is the Apple Store & iTunes Gift Card. It is highly recommended if the recipient is tech-savvy. For any occasion, be it a birthday, graduation, or wedding, the Apple store & iTunes card offers the best versatility.

Users can utilize it by purchasing TV shows, books, apps, games, and many more from Apple stores.

In case of redeeming the card, you have to enter the printed code on the card when making purchases.

They are also available at various stalls, gas stations, convenience stores, and supermarkets. The availability of these cards varies from location to location, so it is best to call before visiting a store.

Where To Buy Gift Cards In Dubai

You can buy gift cards either in store or online. In store gift buying requires physical meeting with the gift card sellers. This could either be in the mall or stores around the cities of Dubai.

You can also purchase gift cards online through online stores. Some of the popular gift card selling websites in Dubai are;

  • eBay
  • CardDelivery
  • Premogiftcards
  • Gift shop
  • Mall Gift Card
  • Virgin mega store
  • Amazon
  • Joi Gifts
  • Yougotagift

These are the various online platforms that offer gift cards. Buying a gift card is easy and seamless. Kindly take your time to visit each platform and then compare their cards terms and conditions.

Factors To Consider Before Choosing And Using Gift Cards In Dubai

To make the most of gift cards in Dubai, specific considerations should be kept in mind. Factors like the recipient’s interests, the credibility of the card provider, and the card’s terms and conditions play a role in ensuring a satisfactory gifting experience.

These factors will guide you in making an informed decision.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Dubai have a Steam card?

Yes, Dubai has a Steam card. There are many places to purchase one, both online and offline, but remains the best for online gift card purchasing.

How much is 100 Dubai gift cards in Naira?

The $100 Dubai gift card is worth NGN20,821.79. This follows the conversion rate of 100 UAE Dirhams.

How much is 500 dirhams to Naira?

500 dirham, when converted into Naira, is about NGN104,701.

How much is a 50 AED iTunes card in naira?

A 50 AED iTunes card when converted to Naira  is NGN10781.41.


Dubai’s gift cards cover a wide range of choices. As Dubai continues to evolve as a global gifting hub, these cards are set to remain an essential component of its vibrant culture, providing both givers and receivers the joy of choice and the magic of thoughtful gifting.

Amazon gift cards, UAE Mall gift cards, Google Play gift cards, and others are the most popular gift cards in Dubai. Remember to consider the terms and conditions of each card before opting for any one.