Does Egypt Have Gift Cards


We all know how cool it feels to get gifts, right? But have you heard about gift cards? They are like special cards that let you choose your own presents.

If you are wondering if gift cards are available in Egypt, then we are here to help you clear all the questions on your mind. Keep reading and pay close attention!

Overview Of Gift Cards In Egypt

Egypt is a place where people have given gifts for ages. Now, with the world changing, gift cards have come into play. This is because more people are earning money and have new ways to shop. So, the idea of gift cards is catching on in Egypt too.

Some folks in Egypt think gift cards are awesome because they are easy to use. But others like the old way of giving physical gifts. It is like a mix of new and old traditions. The future looks bright for gift cards in Egypt. You might see them on your phones more often. Also, they might become even cooler with new technology.


Does Egypt Have Gift Cards?

Yes, Egypt has gift cards. In Egypt, you can find a variety of gift cards offered by different retailers and online platforms. These gift cards serve as a convenient option for both gift-givers and recipients, allowing them to choose items they desire from the store’s selection.

Whether it’s for special occasions or simply as a way to manage purchases without using cash or credit cards, these gift cards have become a popular choice among shoppers in Egypt. They provide flexibility and the freedom to pick out products or services based on personal preferences, making them a practical and thoughtful present option.

Types of Gift Cards Available In Egypt

There are numerous cards available in Egypt but the following are some of the popular ones are;

  • Mazaya gift cards
  • Etam gift cards
  • Parfois gift cards
  • Tally Weijl gift cards
  • Okaïdi gift card

Read down as we explain each card below

Mazaya Gift Cards

Imagine getting a special card from a store called Mazaya. This card is like a gift that lets you choose and buy things from the store. It could be clothes, gadgets, or things you use at home. People like to give these cards to their friends or family so they can go to the store and pick out whatever they want.

Etam Gift Cards

Etam is a shop where they sell nice clothes and stuff like that. Their gift cards are like magic cards that make it possible for you to go to the shop and get new clothes or accessories. So, if you want to surprise someone with cool clothes, you can give them this magic card.

Parfois Gift Cards

Parfois is a store where you can buy things like pretty bags, jewelry, and watches. Their gift cards work like special tickets that let you choose and take home stylish accessories you like. These cards are perfect if you want to give someone the chance to have cool things to add to their outfits.

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Tally Weijl Gift Cards

Tally Weijl is a shop that has trendy clothes in Egypt. Their gift cards are like secret keys that open the doors to the shop. When you have this key, you can go to the shop and pick out new clothes to wear. If you want to give someone the gift of awesome clothes, this is a smart choice.

Okaïdi Gift Card

Okaïdi is a store where parents can buy clothes for their kids. Their gift cards are like special cards that parents can use to get cute clothes for their children. If you know someone who has kids and you want to help them get adorable clothes, this gift card is a wonderful idea.

Overview Of the Gift Card Market In Egypt

From 2018 to 2022, the value of gift cards in Egypt went up by around 11.6% every year. A report predicts that this trend will keep going, and in 2023, the gift card market will grow by 13.3%, reaching a total of US$ 607.6 million.

Looking ahead, the gift card market will continue to grow. The experts think it will increase by about 11.5% every year from 2023 to 2027. So, from US$ 536.3 million in 2022, it could go up to US$ 940.3 million in 2027.

In 2022, lots of things helped the gift card market grow. More people shopping online, using gift cards to reward workers who were working from home, and sending digital gifts were some reasons. The government and industries like hotels and travel also did things to help the market grow.

This big report gives lots of details about the gift card market. It talks about good things that can happen and things that could be a problem in different types of stores. With more than 75 pieces of information just about Egypt, this report helps us understand how big the gift card market is and how it might change.

The gift card market in Egypt is changing and becoming more modern. People are using special cards to give gifts to each other. Big shops in Egypt have these cards for things like clothes and gadgets.

These gift cards are cool because you can choose what you want to buy. People like using them for birthdays and holidays. But some cards have rules, like they might not work after a certain time, or you might not have many things to choose from.

Egypt is also trying out digital gift cards that come on your phone or email. People are starting to like these new digital surprises.

In the future, gift cards in Egypt could become even more popular, especially digital ones. They might also get better with new technology.

Frequently Asked Questions

Did Egypt Have iTunes Gift Card?

Yes, iTunes gift card is available in Egypt. This is because the iTunes card is almost used in all the countries in the world. In Egypt, this can be found in Cairo East.

Is gift card found in Egypt?

Yes, there are a lot of gift cards available in Egypt. You can get them from different stores, malls, supermarkets, and websites online.

Is Amazon gift card available in Egypt?

Yes, Amazon gift cards are available in Egypt. They can be used to purchase e-books, music, movies, and other digital content.

Is there Steam gift card in Egypt?

Steam gift card is another card that is found in Egypt however, what you need the gift card for is a big factor to consider.

Codashop is a brand that you can consider if you want to purchase a Steam card in Egypt.


Egypt has a lot of available gift cards. You can purchase them from stores, malls, supermarkets, and some online platforms.

With those gift cards, you can purchase digital content like movies, music, e-books, and games from the comfort of your home.

Feel free to ask us questions below!